Why Emotions

Just a preview warning, I won’t be rereading this or checking for spelling so expect terrible grammar and misspelled words. 

Now to begin, I don’t know how I feel anymore about certain things.  School is fine and all but I honestly feel so congested with my dad’s mom visiting for the past weeks.  I think it’s because I require alone time and that involves me playing video games on my terms.  Not having some old woman interrupt me every five seconds.  I know for a fact that the guy I really like doesn’t like me back.  He seems to talk to everyone around me except me and I’m okay with that.  As long as he is happy and smiles, I can smile too.

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Let me start with wow, I actually like a person.  Since about a year and a half ago, I have not liked a single boy until now.  This is not just stupid mere crush anymore, I have feelings for him.  I am not quite sure when I plan on telling him I like him yet, but I know I will some time in the future.  I really want to take him out on a date and at least hug him once.  Maybe even hold hands and that will satisfy me.  I become lost easily in the soothing fire of his eyes.  They pierce right through me, making me forget all sense of thought.  I need to practice talking to him since I rarely do anyways.  He has no idea I like him and that scares me because I at least want him to get some hint currently.  Let’s see how homecoming goes in a couple of weeks.